Zouk Day Congress is a congress for all dance levels (beginners to advanced and pros). 
The goal is to offer classes in all Zouk trends delivered by renowned teachers in the market  nowadays. 

With the dollar spike, this is a good moment for foreigners to get to know and improve their dance in Brazil, have a look at how affordable the courses are prices


Payments can be wired by PayPal

There will be 3 class days: 
Apr 19th: Up to 7 codes can be taken (7 hours of classes)  = $50,00
Apr 20th: Up to 3 codes can be taken (3 hours of classes)  = $50,00
Apr 21th:: Up to 7 codes can be taken (7 hours of classes) =  $50,00

FULL PASS (3 days): $120,00

Classes will be given in Portuguese, however, there will be monitors helping with English translations for the students, as needed.

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Due to the fact that the congress will take place in a region with plenty of options in hotels, we will leave it up to students attending the congress to choose a hotel of their liking.
A very satisfactory and up-to-date suggestion is to install the app or (The congress will take place in a neighborhood called Consolação, city São Paulo, country Brazil)


3 balls will take place and they will be open to the general public. 

Students attending the Congress will get in free of charge! 

April 18th
Venue: Tenis Clube Paulista
Schedule: 22:00-04:30

April 20th
Venue: Espaço Solum
Schedule: 22:00-04:30 

April 21th
Venue: Espaço Solum
Schedule: 20:00-01:30